App Safety 101: Keeping Your Device Secure

IDnotifyWe saw how a mobile app can become a global sensation across the global with the launch of Pokemon Go. As mobile activity and the number of apps increase, it’s important to take precautions to ensure the security of our devices. Here are some tips for accessing the apps on your phone safely.

 Say Yes to Updates
While software updates on your phone can be a pest, they are important. Software updates typically address security flaws with your device. The apps themselves also need to be updated, too. Developers continue to work on apps once released into the wild, monitoring for bugs and ways to improve the app’s overall security. Say yes to updates to ensure your utilizing the most secure, current version of the app available.

Review Privacy Settings
If you’re interacting with an app often, it’s crucial to understand your privacy settings. Some apps will have default settings that may share information you’re not comfortable revealing. Not sure where to find your privacy settings? The National Cyber Security Alliance created a list of the most popular apps with links to the respective security settings. Take a look!

Remove Apps You Don’t Use
Not only is that app you don’t use taking up space on your phone, it may also be a security threat. As we mentioned earlier, there will likely be security updates for your abandoned apps that you may not be aware of, making your phone an easier target.

Depending on your device, you can either disable or permanently delete an app. If you’re an iOS user, you’ll also want to delete the apps from your iTunes account, or they will reinstall anytime you sync your phone.

For more ways to keep your identity safe, check out our tips here.