Stay informed about every aspect of your data.

Take total control with a Monthly Credit Snapshot, Real-Time Authorization Alerts,and our full suite of powerful credit monitoring and identity protection services.


Tri-bureau Credit Monitoring (3B)

Gain comprehensive control with daily monitoring of your Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion® credit files. You’ll receive alerts of key changes to help you spot signs of potential identity theft sooner, so you take action to protect your future.


Gain access to your VantageScore®* 3.0 that leverages unique machine learning techniques that result in greater accuracy for even those with sparse credit histories.

Tri-bureau Credit Reports (3B)

The most comprehensive view of how lenders view your credit with access to your credit information from Experian®, Equifax®, and TransUnion®. View your complete credit profile, including payment history, account balances, applications for credit, known as hard inquiries, credit scores, and more. We enable you to see and resolve outstanding issues to prepare for life’s next big moment.

VantageScore1 Simulator

Get a financial wellness confidence boost in real-time with VantageScore Simulator. The interactive tool estimates what could be your likely future VantageScore® based on your potential credit decisions and actions, such as paying off a credit card.

Monthly Credit Snapshot

Get a summary of your credit profile, including factors affecting how lenders see you.


Dark Web Monitoring

If your personal information is bought or sold on the dark web, thieves can use it to steal your identity. We scan thousands of dark web websites and alert you if we find any matches to your personal information so that you can respond.

Social Media Monitoring

Sharing too much personal information on social media can put you at risk for identity theft and compromise your privacy and reputation. If something you post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter does this, you will get an alert.

Change of Address Monitoring

Unauthorized address changes can be a sign of identity theft. If someone makes a change request with the U.S. Postal Service that matches your personal information, you will receive an alert.

Court Records Monitoring

Get alerted when your personal information, like your name or date of birth, is found in U.S. County, State, or City court records and is used by someone involved in the court system.

Social Security Number Monitoring

Identity thieves can use your Social Security Number to get credit, make purchases, and more. We’ll notify you if a new name, nickname, or address becomes linked to your number so you can act sooner.

Alternative Loan Monitoring

High-interest, short-term loans put you at high risk for identity theft. This loan type does not require a credit check from traditional credit bureaus for approval. Therefore, it can go unnoticed until it appears delinquent on your credit report- impacting how lenders view your application. With access to Alternative Loan Monitoring, you will receive an alert when someone uses your identity to get approved for this type of loan.

Account Takeover Monitoring

You’ll get an alert if someone tries to open a new bank account in your name or change personal information on an existing bank account, so you can secure your accounts before an identity thief gets a hold of them.

Identity Metrics

Provides a nationwide and neighborhood breakdown of the impact of identity theft, using your email address, zip code, and U.S. database information.


CLUB Alerts

With more robust monitoring of your Experian credit file, C.L.U.B. Alerts notify you of your credit limits, account balances, or how much available credit you’ve used. Which can help you track your positive financial habits and spot potential fraud.

Dormant Account Alerts

Stay up to date and in control with Dormant Account Alerts. Get notified of potentially suspicious activity and react sooner when an account on your Experian® credit report becomes active after a six-month history of zero balance.

Positive Activity Alerts

Get notifications about your Experian® credit report activity that could indicate healthy financial habits, like when you make a payment, pay off, or close an account with zero balance.

Inquiry Alerts

When it comes to protecting your financial wellness, timing is key. With Inquiry Alerts, you’ll get real-time notifications when a new credit application is found on your Experian® credit report.

Authorization Alerts

Better protect your financial wellness with Experian® Authorization Alerts. Get real-time notifications when someone uses your personal information to apply for new credit and take action against identity theft.

VantageScore®1 Variance Alerts

With VantageScore®* Variance Alerts, you’ll get real-time notifications when a change that can impact your financial wellness journey occurs, such as when your credit score goes up or down—or when you’ve reached a personal goal.

Sex Offender Monitoring

Helps keep you and your loved ones safe by showing you a map of registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood and sending notifications when new offenders move in.


Full-Service Identity Restoration

If you become a victim of identity theft, the process to recover can be complicated and time-consuming. Often, it requires assistance to figure out how to recover fully. Full-Service Identity Restoration will get you back on track with support from an expert restoration agent that will walk you through the process of reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

Lost Wallet Protection

Easily save and store your important payment and identification information in one place, creating a digital wallet. If your actual wallet is lost or stolen, your digital version will help you to cancel and replace everything quickly, saving you time, money, and stress.

Identity Theft Insurance2

Identity theft can be a costly experience – taking time and money to recover. With a no-deductible Identity Theft Insurance* policy, you get reimbursed for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses such as legal fees, lost income, fraudulent transactions, and stolen funds.

Family Plan Image

Family Plan3

Upgrade to a Family Plan for only $10 more per month. The IDnotify Family Plan includes membership for two adults and up to 10 children under 18 years of age4. Secondary adult membership has the same plan features as the primary. Or choose the Child Protection Plan to cover up to 10 children under 18 years of age for only $5 more per month.