Choose from one of our three plans to get the coverage that is right for you.
Pricing Plans
$ 9 99 month
$ 17 99 month
$ 25 99 month
Essential Plan
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Premier Plan
Cover the basics with ease. Monitor your
personal data online, keep an eye
on social media.
Looking for a little extra coverage? Add
single-bureau credit monitoring and
additional identity monitoring to get
ahead of the curve.
Watch over every aspect of your
personal identity data with financial
account takeover, tri-bureau credit, and
comprehensive identity monitoring.
Credit Monitoring
Notifies you of changes to one or multiple credit reports.
Credit Report and VantageScores*
Access to your tri-bureau credit report and score annually.
Monthly VantageScore Updates
Updates on your credit score each month plotted on a graph to show changes over time.
Internet Surveillance
This service monitors the depths of the web to identify malicious activity associated with your personal data. If found, we will notify you promptly.
Social Network Monitoring
This service watches your social media activity and notifies you of privacy or reputation risks.
Change of Address Monitoring
If your mail has been redirected through the U.S. Postal Service, we’ll notify you.
Court Records and Booking Monitoring
This service notifies you if a criminal act is booked or reported in the court system with your identity information.
Social Security Number Trace
This service notifies you of all names, aliases and addresses become associated with your Social Security number (SSN).
Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
This service notifies you if payday and quick-cash loans have been opened using an element of your identity.
Sex Offender Monitoring
This service reports on sex offenders living within your immediate area, and notifies you if a sex offender registers in your name.
Financial Account Takeover
This service notifies you if your name or Social Security number have been used to apply for a credit card, open a credit card or bank account, or make unauthorized changes to your bank account.
Identity Restoration
We provide full-service Identity Restoration in the event of identity theft. Even if you suspect there is a problem, a certified Identity Restoration specialist will work with you to resolve your identity 24/7/365.
Identity Theft Insurance**
Reimburses you for certain expenses related to identity theft.
Lost Wallet Services
Lost Wallet? Don’t worry. We’ll replace your wallet contents for you.
+ Child Monitoring
This service monitors your child’s SSN for fraudulent activity.
+ $5.99/month
+ $5.99/month
+ $5.99/month