• What is identity theft?

    Identity theft is one of those things that can happen to anyone. It occurs when someone steals your personal information, such as your Social Security, credit card, or driver’s license number, to apply for loans and credit cards, rack up debt and commit other illegal activities using your identity. Once it happens, it’s not easy to fix. The average identity theft case can take hundreds of hours to resolve and can cause emotional and physical stress. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 41% of identity theft victims experience sleep disturbances.

  • Will all identity theft show up on my credit report?

    Unfortunately, no. Identity thieves can steal your identity without involving your credit – which means the theft won’t show up on your credit report. This type of ‘non-credit’ theft occurs in many ways. Thieves can steal your mail and request that the United States Postal Service redirect it to another address (Mail Identity Theft) or use a piece of your identity, like your Social Security Number, to get a high-interest payday loan. Cybercriminals can also buy your bank account details on the dark web after a data breach to take money from your account (Financial Account Takeover). IDnotify’s CyberAgent/Dark Web Monitoring feature alerts you if your information is found on the hidden online marketplace popular with ID thieves.

  • How does IDnotify protect my identity?

    Think of IDnotify as your second set of digital eyes and ears. Our powerful credit monitoring and identity protection features keep you updated on any unusual activity we detect. If you experience identity theft, our full-service, certified restoration services have you covered with step-by-step support to help you restore your identity.

  • How does IDnotify alert me if my identity is stolen?

    When you enroll in IDnotify, we will keep an eye on the information you want us to monitor and let you know, through alerts, if we detect unusual activity, such as a piece of your identity found on the dark web. Your notifications will include details on action to take.

  • What resources does IDnotify provide for me if my identity is stolen?

    A certified Identity Restoration specialist will work with you to restore your identity. If we investigate and determine that identity theft has occurred, we will guide you through the process every step of the way and act on your behalf to resolve it. Our specialist will:

    • Contact government agencies where the fraud occurred, such as the Social Security Administration
    • Review your credit report for signs of identity theft
    • Contact the three credit bureaus to place a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit report