Top 3 New Year’s Security Resolutions

ID NotifyAs we bid 2016 a farewell, it’s also time to say goodbye to poor security habits. Vow to make these three security resolutions this year to help minimize your risk of identity theft.

Refresh Your Passwords
Give your online accounts a fresh start in 2017 by ditching weak passwords. Update your passwords for your online accounts using a cryptic combination of letters, number and special characters. Make a promise to yourself to never use easily guessed passwords ever again, like your pet’s name or your birthdate.

Say Yes to Software Updates
Take the time to ensure your computer and apps are up-to-date. Stop deferring software updates, as these are typically intended to address critical security vulnerabilities. Check for updates now, and say yes to software updates when prompted.

Use a VPN
Turning on your VPN helps ensure that the data you send and receive is encrypted. This is particularly important if your accessing sensitive data or making a purchase while connected to public Wi-Fi, like in a coffee shop or bookstore. If you work remotely, talk to your employer about setting you up with VPN access.

Ultimately, you are responsible for our own personal security. By vowing to make these simple, yet critical, security resolutions, you’re doing your part to help keep 2017 secure.