Internet Safety Month – Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullying

June is National Internet Safety Month, which began in 2005 in order to raise awareness around the need for online safety, especially among kids and teens. In honor of Internet Safety Month, this week we’re diving into how to start a conversation with your family around cyberbullying.

Pew Research Center recently found that, “92% of teens report going online daily — including 24% who say they go online ‘almost constantly.’” With so much time spent online, parents need to start a conversation around cyberbullying with their children.

Here are some tips on how to help protect your children from cyberbullying:

  • Teach safe online practices. Kids and teens are tethered to the Internet, where their risk of sharing sensitive information is increased. They should take caution when sharing personally identifiable information online.
  • Be in the know. Understand what online games, apps and social networks your kids are engaging with. Limiting their exposure may limit their risk of becoming a victim.
  • Maintain open dialogue. Creating a conversation with your children about the dangers of being online will allow your child to feel comfortable talking about serious online topics, like cyberbullying.
  • Do not engage with the cyberbully. If you child becomes a victim, it’s best to ignore the bully. Responding may fuel the fire. If the problem persists, you may have a case for legal action.

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