Stay Secure While On The Go

Yesterday, cybersecurity thought leaders from around the world celebrated Data Privacy Day, an international effort held annually to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. Led by the National Cyber Security [...]

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Major Themes From NCSAM 2016

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) bands together businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, universities and individuals from around the globe every October to promote cybersecurity awareness and education. Rooted in the philosophy that cybersecurity is a [...]

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Cybersecurity and Space

Research organization Chatham House recent released a paper, “Space, the Final Frontier for Cybersecurity?” that delves into the rarely discussed, but increasing threat of satellite attacks. Just think, much of the world’s infrastructure – like [...]

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5 Tips for Better Security

For most individuals, the idea of implementing security practices in everyday life seems overwhelming. However, now more than ever, individuals need to be cognizant of how to protect their identities, as cybercriminals are constantly finding [...]

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Hook, line and sinker: a lesson from Snapchat’s phishing incident

The popular video messaging app, Snapchat, recently announced a phishing attack that has compromised the identities of a number of its current and former employees. Snapchat disclosed on their blog that their payroll department was [...]